Here at British Sports Werks, we have an appreciation for all British makes
and models as well as other makes both domestic and abroad. However, we
all seem to have a particular attraction to Triumph automobiles. These are a
sampling of our own cars...
The Spooner family
has a particularly large
collection for Triumph
From a 1929 Triumph
Super Seven Deluxe to
an award winning TR3
to a 1981 Feul Injected
TR8 Drop Head Coupe.
Shawn owns and drives these two examples of
later Triumphs. A 1972 TR6 that has been painted
the non-factory color of Aqua Marine Frost,
powered by a triple Zenith-Stromberg carburetors
on an uprated engine and also has many
suspension upgrades.

The Carmine Red Fixed Head Coupe is one of the
few factory produced TR8 coupes. Heavily optioned
with A/C, sliding glass roof, bump strips and
luggage rack. So far the only modification that this
TR8 has seen has been improving the
suspension and the ICE. The factory V8 still
providing plenty of motivation for this daily driven
Living in Colorado has its scenic advantages.
Those exquisite views come at the price of Altitude
though. Here are just a few example of the altitude
we can see regularly. Traveling from 5,000 feet to
over 12,000 feet can be done in less than two
hours. Driving our British sports cars is something
we practice as well as preach.
The cars that we drive...                                                                           
There has been a new addition to the Spooner Family garage.

Since new Triumph's are no longer available, the Spooner's have found themselves what
they consider a modern replacement for a Triumph GT6. This new car is a 2009 Pontiac
Solstice GXP Coupe. Powered by a very modern 2.0 litre direct injected and turbo charged
gasoline engine producing 260hp and 260 lb. ft., with a Targa type removable roof section.
This particular car is "Wicked Red" in color.