British Sports Werks Inc. was founded to fulfill my lifelong
dream of restoring classic sports cars.

30+ years ago my dad and I were given our first British sports car, a 1956
Triumph TR3.  It had seen better days, the body was rusted through, and it had
been completely dismantled and carefully boxed up.  I spent hours pouring
over the parts manual identifying the various parts, and learning how to
properly put them together with Dads help.  We never have finished her,  Time
or money or both always getting in the way.  But it sparked the car collecting
and restoring bug in me.  30 years later we own over 30 sports cars, mostly
Triumphs, but also a Datsun 1600, a few Volvo 1800s and some Toyota
Celicas thrown in for good measure.

10 years ago I started selling used parts at swap meets and by word of
mouth.  As word spread I got requests to repair cars and would take on the
occasional weekend project.  Now after 16 years in High Tech, I'm able to
pursue my dream and dedicate myself to my true love, restoring the classics
sports cars of yesteryear.

Kevin Spooner
British Sports Werks Inc.
I've known Kevin since 1995 when the local British car club was just
beginning. In fact, both of our memberships are amongst the first ten. Having
grown up on a ranch in Wyoming, missile silos and coyotes were more
common to me than British sports cars. Than any type of sports car actually.
Even so, on a trip to the big city of Cheyenne I saw my first Triumph. A Royal
Blue TR6. It was love at first sight. The shape, the sound, the freedom all had
me hooked. When I was just beginning high school we moved to Northern
Colorado. Just after graduation I found a TR6 of my own and have owned it
ever since.

In truth, I am a total car nut, if it has wheels I am interested. However,
Triumphs in particular have found a home in my heart. My TR6 is still referred
to as my mistress by friends and family alike. Now, however, I also have a TR8
Fixed Head Coupe that has become my daily driver. These two Triumphs are
currently the only cars that I own, so I guess you could say that I am all
Triumph all the time. I am keeping my eyes open for a really nice MGB-GT. I
wouldn't want to appear too biased.

Shawn Loseke
Client Service Manager
British Sports Werks Inc.
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To contact:
Kevin has too many British, and other, Sports cars to show all of them
here. So we'll just show the one he drives most often.