BUGZILLA!                                             Page IV
Public Debut
June 5th, 6th and 7th, 2009, Bugzilla
made its first public debut. On the
above dates, Good Guys Rod &
Custom Association had the 12th
annual Colorado Nationals at the
Larimer County Fairgrounds in
Northern Colorado. Even though
Bugzilla was not finished, it was
running, driving and finished enough
to be shown as a work in progress.
It drew plenty of attention and that it
was not yet finished seemed to
actually help draw interest from
some of the "Custom" crowd as they
were keen on seeing how the chop
and the suicide doors were done. If
the first show was any indication, it
should be a hit just about
everywhere it goes.
After the public debut and initial
driving was out of the way, it
was time to get back to the
electrical work. The electrical in
this car is easily 10X the
amount of wiring in an original
VW Beetle. What with the
different lights, the power
windows, the power door
releases etc... etc...  There is
also currently 13 relays in the
current wiring set up. Again,
quite a few more than the
original VW Beetle. Part of the
challenge with all of this wiring
as well is eventually hiding it all
behind a vanity panel. As you
can see, int he photo
progression to the left. The
wiring lay out is now all finished
and hides behind the vanity
panel very nicely.  
After the electrical was all put together it was time for the upholstery. A two tone gray was chosen for the seat and
panel fabric and a charcoal gray was chosen for the carpeting. The headliner is gray and had to be custom cut and
custom rods built to hang it from. The door hinge support structure makes the lower B-pillars look extra thick. We
were able to build a structure around the hinges to smooth out the final covering though. The carpet was purchased
as a ready made kit but it still needed a bit of finessing in places to make the finished fit satisfactory. In the front cargo
area ABS side panels were made to cover the hinges and give the "trunk" a cleaner, more finished, look.

Now it is nearly ready to start
with the interior installation.
The front area, under the
hood, is intended to be very
clean and stock looking. It will
have some hard covers made
to cover up the door
solenoids and then it will
have carpet that matches the
interior. We are also thinking
of looking for a Space Saver
style spare to occupy the
spare tire location. It would of
course need to be a Porsche
style spare with the matching
5X130mm bolt pattern.
Bugzilla has now left British Sports
Werks, Inc. Unleashed upon the world
to terrorize and enthrall.