BUGZILLA!                                             Page III
Before we took the
engine back out, to
more easily mount
some accessories on
the firewall, we
corrected the fit
issues with the
header and muffler
pipes. We also took
this time to get the
muffler fitting a little
more snug to the
inner fender. The rear
tires are so large that
there is precious little
room when it all fits
in. After all of that, we
had the header and
muffler ceramic
coated. Now its ready
to be fitted.
After mounting the
coil and the oil
cooler & fan to the
firewall. We
re-installed the
engine. Hopefully
for the final time.
The long process of
completely re-wiring
the car can now
start. As can fitting
the exhaust and
heater boxes,
routing the oil lines
from the engine to
the filter, to the
thermostat, to the
cooler and finally
back to the engine.
This photo from below
shows just how tight
the exhaust is fit.
These photos show
the rear suspension at
full droop so when the
car is on the ground,
there is even less
room. The black plate
on the left side of the
engine houses an
aluminum block that
holds the oil
temperature sending
unit and the fan control
switch for the oil cooler.
It will also keep the oil
lines from hanging too
The wheel spacers and
longer wheel bolts
finally arrived. After
getting the wheels and
tires bolted on we
decided to roll Bugzilla
back off of the lift to get
a good look at how it
was going to sit on the
suspension. The
engine is back out of it
for these photos and
there is still no interior
so it still sits a little high.
With the wheels on the car and
correctly spaced, the identity of the
car is starting to come together. It is
surprising at times how much effect
the wheels have on a cars character.
Try as we might, it was just
too hard to keep the
"British" influence away
from this German Hot Rod.
We had a pair of these
reproduction Lucas Tripod
headlamps sitting in the
display case and thought,
"what the heck, why not try
them out. Lucky for us, the
customer agreed and the
tripods are a solid GO!
All the instruments
are in the dash.
Everything looks
nice and tidy from
the this side. So
clean that it is
rather amazing
thinking about the
nightmare that lies
ahead for wiring
up this car. The
factory harness
will not be up top
the job.
Rewiring the car has
been no small chore.
The original wiring
harness was in good
shape, it just couldn't
handle all that we
needed it to handle.
What with electric
windows, relocated
lights, wholly different
rear brake and turn
signal lights,
electronic door
solenoids and many
extra gauges. There
are currently 13 relays
helping with the
chores as well.
These mirrors are
reproductions of "Swan Neck"
Albert Mirrors. They are
authentic accessory mirrors
for Volkswagens from the
1950's thru 1966. The fact
that this VW began as a 1970,
and will remain titled as a
1970, has not stopped us or
our customer from making it
look just as he wants it,
regardless of year of
manufacture. There is very
little exterior chrome pieces
on this car, these make up
some of the largest pieces of
chrome to make it back onto
the car.
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